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Aims & Ambitions

Thu Dec 05 2019

What do I plan on achieving in the coming months? Being more proactive and focussed for a start!

The list thus far…….


Thu Dec 05 2019

I haven't posted for quite some time, so, as an update to my studies, I finally graduated from my Degree, obtaining a 2:1 BSc(Hons) in Compuiting &...

Final Year Project - Update 2

Tue Apr 17 2018

Well, I've finally submitted my second assesment for my project! It has been a hard slog, even though it has been an incremental update on the prev...

Final Year Project - Update 1

Sun Feb 25 2018

Its Sunday...I am sitting here procrastinating about getting more of my University project completed - I have a deadline for the first part of 6th ...

Welcome To The DevBlog

Wed Feb 14 2018

First Contact...

Hello and welcome! It has taken me quite a while to get this up and running (mainly due to...